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Persistent Dreams featured #1 on SBS RADIO Downtempo Chill

"...a musical endeavour that finds listeners at the right time, wrapping them in introspection and transformative energy. Then it spits them out, greatly enriched by the sonic experience. That worked for us, too. ...Echoing the likes of Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Aphex Twin, among others, Living Pictures managed to release a record that feels intense, yet soothing: isn’t that what life often feels like?" - MESMERIZED

"Each time I listen...I hear some new facet I hadn’t noticed. There’s a great deal of attention to detail...with richly interwoven sounds, full of texture and tonal colour." - ABSYNTH SPACE 

"Others may have a completely different interpretation and emotional response, and that is the beauty and uniqueness of this album. Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault have created a cinematic masterpiece, and we are fortunate to have one of the most significant albums of 2023." - INDIE BOULEVARD

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A N D R E W   P E R R E A U L T


Andrew lives in Washington, DC, where he participates in the local music scene and enjoys getting outdoors with his wife and two boys.

He played guitar in the DC band Proxy States before joining Reif in 2020 to form Living Pictures, contributing his production skills, collaborating on compositions, and leading music distribution and communications.

Andrew's experience in business, engineering and as a performing artist in DC equips him to manage the project's outreach and coordinate efforts with our creative partners.

R E I F   L A R S E N


Reif lives in Portland, OR, where he enjoys exploring the city, wandering in the woods, going to shows and connecting with other artists and creatives.

He started composing a portfolio of electronic music in 2014, and has since partnered with Andrew to form Living Pictures, contributing his design skills and creative vision, guiding production and continuing to write new music.


Reif's career in landscape architecture and interest in the relationships between physical and mental space informs his artistic philosophy and inspires his musical compositions.


"Living Pictures’ debut album Crossing the Bridge is a masterpiece of modern electronic music...a cohesive and well-crafted listening experience that rewards repeated listens." - PLASTIC MAGAZINE

"A stunning electronic voyage." - ILLUSTRATE MAGAZINE

"Each piece is loaded with so many tiny sonic oddities, such a myriad of choices that give a weight, a depth, and an emotion to each piece. It never feels minimal even when it is quiet." - FIND NO ENEMY

"Dazzling...musical delight...melancholy...magic...deep and powerful." - (translated from French) IGGY MAGAZINE

"The melodic ideas themselves are so expressive, that it was even difficult to notice that the entire album was instrumental. The music itself spoke to me with its inherent emotion in a way that was not only lyrical but much more profound than lyrics." - SISTRA

"Dreamlike and seductive." - (translated from Italian) 

"The beauty of Crossing the Bridge is that the musicians mixed all [the] elements...where almost all the tracks differ in sound, but at the same time they successfully add up to a single story." - (translated from Russian) ZIMOWSKI JOURNAL / POP HEAVEN

"...brimming with fresh and exciting ideas from start to finish. With such a strong and confident approach to their sound, they are definitely ones to keep a firm eye on for the future." - MYSTIC SONS

"Pokes your brain." - ALCHEMICAL RECORDS

The Sleepwalker featured on RADIO AMBIENT 24 & RIVULETS & REVERIES / BENTONVILLE RADIO 103.3 FM 
The Sleepwalker & Biodome featured on AMBIENT MEMORY / RADIO GRAF'HIT
Convergence featured on VCR TV / XRAY.FM 107.1 / 91.1 FM (Portland, OR)

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